Changelog v0.0.7

Written by
Macgill Davis


  • PSA: Make sure you update your macOS and Chrome extension to v0.0.7. You might have to do this manually. For macOS head to and click "Download Mac App" button and for Chrome head to chrome://extensions and click the "Update" button.
  • You can now sort uncategorized sites and applications from the dashboard. If you select  “uncategorized” from the time breakdown, you’ll see a list of your top uncategorized sites and applications. You can tab through each site or application and set the category. We’ll  continue to improve this experience but we’d love to hear what you think!
  • You can now choose the time at which we send you a daily notification. You can update that setting in the settings page. It defaults to 5pm in your timezone.
  • Fixed issue with the macOS auto-updater. This is why you might need to install manually this time. The auto-updater should be working from here on out!
  • Improved Chrome auto-update. We saw that a lot of Chrome extensions were not updating or taking a long time to update. This meant a lot of you were using old (and buggy, or at least buggier) Chrome extensions. We added some code that fetches, updates, and restarts your extensions as soon as an update is available.
  • Handle offline states for macOS and Chrome. A lot of our errors were being driven by internet connectivity issues. Our apps now ensure a user is online before making any requests.

Up next

  • Adjustable timeline! We know that a lot of you don’t just work between 6am and 10pm. We’re working on a new timeline UI that will allow you to adjust those time constraints and actually see all your work data.
  • Continue to improve categorization experience.
  • Improvements on work items!

Thanks to everyone who joined the alpha this week and to everyone who has been working with us as we patch up the many bugs! We appreciate your feedback and understanding. Looking forward to shipping more new features soon!

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