Changelog v0.0.6

Written by
Macgill Davis


  • Lots and lots and lots of bugs fixes. You all should have a much more stable MacOS application and shouldn’t be logged out randomly anymore.
  • Launched a settings page where you can update your timezone, password, and name. You can also recategorize sites you’ve previously visited. This page is still a work in progress so expect a lot of improvements soon.
  • Launched a “Track All” setting where you can track everything by default rather than selecting specific sites and applications. You can update this setting in your settings page.
  • Added a public FAQ doc. Let us know if we're missing anything.

Up next

  • Make it seamless to categorize tracked sites and applications.
  • Get Google OAuth working on MacOS.
  • A few more settings improvements and additions (e.g. reset password flow).

Question on our mind

If you have any thoughts or input on this, please reach out to us at and We’d love to hear your feedback.

What is the easiest way to triage uncategorized sites and apps?

Thanks for everyone who joined the alpha this week. We really appreciate you taking a chance with us and excited to have you onboard.

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