Changelog v0.0.12

Written by
Macgill Davis


  • New Daily Email - We completely redesigned our daily email and added a lot more valuable information including your scores and time breakdown.
  • Improved Website Categorization - We’ve been working on making time categorization easier and more accurate. We finally added fallback domain categorization for subdomains. We’re also testing out some website categorization APIs to see if we can further reduce the number of uncategorized apps and sites.
  • Miscellaneous Categorization - Starting today apps and sites will default to be categorized as “miscellaneous”. We’ll automatically recategorize apps and sites to “uncategorized” if you spend 10 minutes active on that app or site in a single day. We’re hoping to enable you to just categorize the apps and sites you spend a lot of time using and ignore the rest.
  • Chrome Offline Bug Fix - We fixed a bug where the Chrome extension was getting stuck in the offline state. Apologies to anyone who ran into that!
  • 24 Hour Format Setting - You can now change your timeline to be in 24 hour format in your settings.

Up Next

  • Daily Journal - We’re in the process of shipping our first version of a daily journal. We want to make it easy for you to record what you accomplished each day.
  • Improved Score Details - We’re going to be updating the score details section soon. We want to provide a much cleaner layout of the inputs and give you a better understanding of how your scores are calculated. 

Thanks to everyone for providing great feedback and continuing to test out Rize!

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