Scores Release - Changelog v0.0.10

Written by
Macgill Davis


  • Work Scores - We released four new scores: Productivity Score, Focus Score, Break Score, and Meeting Score. The goal of scores is to help you understand how much focus time, break time, and meeting time you're getting each day. You can click on the “Show score details” button to see all the metrics that go into calculating each score. We’d love to hear your thoughts! We’ll continue to tweak and improve the score models as we get more data and feedback. 
  • Zoom on Your Timeline - You can now drag and zoom in on your timeline from the dashboard. You can update the permanent timeline start and end times from their defaults of 6am to 10pm in your settings.
  • Work Hours - You can now see the number of work hours on your dashboard. This number includes your tracked time in addition to any breaks you’ve taken throughout the day.

Up next

  • Journal items! We want to enable you to build your track record using Rize. A big part of that will entail capturing what you completed each day at a high level. That’s where we think items come into play. We’re going to be re-thinking items from the ground up.

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