Update On How We Track Websites (Action Required) - Changelog 0.4.3

Written by
Macgill Davis


  • Removing Chrome Extension - As of this morning, we are no longer supporting the Chrome Extension. We’ll be categorizing all your time from our MacOS application only and we will stop supporting requests from our Chrome Extension. We did this to support all browsers on Mac and simplify the number of clients you have to manage.
  • Rize Now Works with Safari/Chrome/Brave/Edge on Mac - In conjunction with the news above, we just launched the ability to categorize your time spent on all browsers on MacOS except Firefox. Unfortunately, Firefox does not support Apple Script. In order, for Rize to categorize your URLs, you’ll need to approve the access control permission when you’re prompted. If you already rejected that permission you can update it in your System Settings > Security & Privacy > Automation. You can read more here.

Approve Rize access control for your different browsers. You should be prompted automatically.
Ensure that Rize has automation permissions for your browsers.
  • New Home Page - We launched a new Home Page! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Bug Fixes

  • Websockets Authentication - We ran into a bad bug where the websockets authentication were failing and leading to the dashboard not working properly. If you couldn’t get your break timer to work, this was probably the issue. Check your Mac app again to see if things are working properly now. 
  • Multiple Dock Icons - You may have seen duplicate Rize icons in your dock last week. That has been fixed.

Up next

  • Remove Screen Recording Permission - We’re patching the active-win open source library so we can remove the Screen Recording Permission on Mac. We only need this permission to capture the title of the in-focus window so we’re nixing it. We’ll send out an update when you can safely remove the Screen Recording Permission.
  • Edit workblocks - We want to give you the ability to edit your workblocks and manually add them.

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