Add, Edit, and Remove Workblocks

Written by
Macgill Davis

Changelog 0.7.9 - We shipped manual creation of workblocks and improved the way we detect meetings.

Add, Edit, and Remove Workblocks - You can now manually add, edit, or remove workblocks from your timeline. When manually adding a workblock, if the workblock overlaps with existing data, we will not fill in your timeline. If the workblock does not overlap with existing data, we will fill that time in your timeline with the time category you’ve selected. 

Revamped Google Calendar Meeting Detection - Meeting detection has been one of the toughest product challenges we’ve faced at Rize. Originally, we only cross-referenced time spent in “Meeting” or “Video Conferencing” time categories with your Google Calendar. Now we’ll be cross referencing any activity on your computer with your Google Calendar. If we find a meeting with more than one attendee, we’ll create a meeting workblock. We hope this improves meeting detection and improves everyone’s understanding of how Rize operates. Let us know if you run into any questions.

Global Keyboard Shortcut - We added the global keyboard shortcut Command . to bring Rize to the forefront. If you press the shortcut when Rize is in focus, it will hide Rize and move it to running in the background. You can disable this global shortcut in Rize > Window > Global Shortcut if it conflicts with an existing shortcut.

We also added the shortcut Command P to start and stop a break. We plan on adding many more keyboard shortcuts to make using Rize a lot more efficient. We also plan on adding the ability to customize these shortcuts.

Track Time Total - We heard from a few users that they wanted to see their track time total, excluding the breaks and work hours estimation. You can now find that at the top of your time breakdown.

Mighty, Vivaldi Browser Support - We released support for Mighty and Vivalid. You need to be on Mighty v0.85 or above for website categorization to work properly. 

Category Override Update - We updated how we set category overrides on workblocks. Now if you set a category override, we’ll set all time spent in that workblock to that time category as well as any new events that are included in that workblock if it extends.

M1 Build Available - We released an M1 Chip build for all macOS users with the M1 chip. You can find the most updated M1 build on our home page.

Infrastructure improvements - We made some huge improvements to our infrastructure since the Product Hunt launch. The influx of traffic and signups was a great stress test on our system and we found numerous ways to make Rize faster and more reliable. We also launched a Rize status page. We’re happy to report 99.997% uptime for Rize since May 26th. Shoutout to Rich and Hyon for your insight and support!

Product Hunt Launch - Thank you to everyone who supported us in our Product Hunt launch. It was a huge honor to finish in the #1 spot. We’ve got a lot more amazing features planned!

Up next

Weekly View - This feature has been long in the works and we’re close to getting a revamped Weekly View out. If you have any specific requests for this view, let us know.

Edit Timeline - We’re exploring allowing the editing of your workblocks and projects through your timeline.

Trends View - We're exploring the best way to highlight trends and allow users to view past history from a high level. 

Windows Build - We’ll be picking this up within the next few weeks. We expect this to take a few product cycles to get built and it will temporarily block other feature development. However, we feel shipping a Windows build is critical for us to keep growing sustainably and ensure Rize exists long-term.

Thank you for supporting Rize. Will and I both dream of working on Rize long-term and we feel closer to that dream than ever before thanks to you. Please reach out if you have requests, issues, or questions. 

P.S. Be sure to share your referral link and tweet about Rize if you’ve been enjoying the product! As a bootstrapped company, getting the word out is one of our biggest challenges.

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